Remove an employee from payroll

Use cases

This is the situation in which an employee isn't leaving, but needs to be removed from your payroll. Common examples of this are: 

  • An employee is moving abroad and is now being hired as a contractor
  • An employee is moving abroad and is now being hired by an Employer of Record (e.g. Deel,, Omnipresent)
  • An employee is staying in the UK, but now working as a contractor instead of being on UK payroll

How to move an employee from your payroll

  1. On the People tab, select the person, then select "Actions"
  2. Set the leaving date as their last day on UK payroll. Onfolk will automatically pro-rata the salary for that month accordingly. After their leaving date has passed, you'll still be able to see their profile by clicking "view leavers" on the People tab,.
  3. Next, invite them to Onfolk with a non payroll profile. Set their start date as the first day they'll be working outside of UK payroll. 
  4. They will receive an email from Onfolk asking them to set up their profile again.
  5. You're all done 🎉
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