Request time-off

1. Log in to Onfolk

2. Go to your "Time off" section, and click on "Request time off".

💡 nb. The number of days mentioned (e.g above "7 days") is the allowance you have left to take before the date mentioned next to the type of time off (e.g "annual leave").

3. In the pop-up, select the type of time off you'd like to book (e.g annual leave).

4. Now select the length of time you want to take off: half a day, one day or longer

If you've selected "longer", enter the start date and end date of the period. These dates will be inclusive of the time you're requesting to book off. For e.g if you request to book off the 18th October to the 20th October, you'll be requesting 3 days off. 

Select whether the start and end dates for your time off are full days or half days off too.

5. Check that the number of days you're requesting correspond to the number mentioned on the confirmation button in green. If it all adds up you can submit your request by clicking on "Request XX days" to save.

6. Your holiday request should now appear in the "Upcoming section". The status will initially appear as "Requested", but will change to "approved" once your manager has reviewed and confirmed it.

7. All done 🎉

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