Onboarding guide: Set up your onfolk account

Welcome to Onfolk 🎉 

Moving your payroll to Onfolk should take max 1h to 1h30 from the moment you create your account to your first payroll run.

Step 1: Create your account 

Approx. time: 5 mins

  1. Create your Onfolk account
  2. Add your payroll information (PAYE number, etc) so we can plug in with HMRC.

Step 2: Complete the onboarding form

Approx. time: 10 mins

Let us know about your current payroll set up - for e.g when payday is, what pension provider you have and how your employees are paid.

📔 Fill out a short form (see below) with all this information so we can better understand your payroll & pensions configuration, and configure your account accordingly in our backend.

Complete the Onboarding form here.

Step 3: Transfer last month’s payroll data

Approx. time: 15 mins

📔 Migrate your payroll data over by sending us an export of your last payroll log (called an FPS.xml file). This step allows us to migrate your employee and payroll information into Onfolk with minimal manual input from you, such as payroll IDs and tax paid so far this tax year.

If you open the FPS.xml file, it should look something like this:

How to download your last payroll log:

  1. Download a file from the payroll software you’ve been using before Onfolk (expand row for download instructions)
    • 0️⃣ Xero
      1. Login to Xero
      2. Go to Payroll
      3. RTI filings
      4. Shows FPS and ETS filings
      5. Get submission XML 💥
    • 📚Quickbooks
      1. Login to Quickbooks
      2. Go to Taxes
      3. Go to Payroll Tax
        1. All your previous filings are under Filed Forms. Each card shows the name of the form, the pay period it was sent, the status of the filing and the date it was submitted.
      4. Select the submission you wish to view and select the Review tab
      5. Copy the XML version by selecting the Copy Text button at the bottom of the screen. Paste into a word document or notepad.
    1. Click on “Payroll” tab
    2. Click on last month’s payroll
    3. “RTI submissions” tab
    4. Click on the “download” button
    • ▶️ Not sure, my accountant handles it

      Send the following message to your accountant. They’ll know what to do 💪

      From [first month with Onfolk] onwards we'll be using Onfolk for our payroll software. To migrate our year to date figures to Onfolk, we'll need to send over the Full Payment Submission (FPS) for [last month with old payroll provider].

    • Please could you export the FPS XML for [last month with old payroll provider] from the current payroll software and forward it to me. If there has also been an Employer Payment Summary (EPS), please forward that on too.

    • If you're not sure how to export the XML file (it's the ugly one with lots of <Employer /> looking bits), there's some instructions on how to do that here, see step 3 (in this article)

      When you forward that information, please cc onboarding@onfolk.com so that Onfolk can complete the migration.

      Thank you!

    • 🤷 Something else / I don’t know

      Contact onboarding@onfolk.com and we’ll help you get ready

  2. Once you’ve got the file, send us an email to say you’re ready. We’ll send you a link to a secure folder to upload the file to (so that your data can be transferred securely).
  3. Upload your file and we do the rest in the background to transfer the data into your Onfolk account. 

Step 4: Upload your HR data

Approx. time: 30 mins

📔  Now that your payroll data has been migrated to Onfolk, we need to import your employee data and create their profiles before we can invite them to the platform.

1. We will send you spreadsheet in your secure folder, which you'll need to fill out with your employee data. We'll then import the data in bulk and create employee profiles for you. 

2. Once you've added all your employee data, drop us an email to let us know at onboarding@onfolk.com. We'll load the data onto your Onfolk account within 2 business days. 

Step 5: Data review & employee onboarding

Approx. time: 0 to 15 min.

📔 In this step we review the data you transfered over to us, create employee profiles and run scripts to check for any inconsistencies. If anything looks out of the ordinary, we flag it with you and update the information for you. 

Once everything looks good, it's time to send out invites to employees via email with instructions on how to finalise their profile on Onfolk. At this point we'll ask you to confirm you're happy for us to send these ✅

Step 6: Integrate your Onfolk account with your Pension provider and/or accounting software

Approx. time: 10 min.

📔 We're almost done! This step is where you can plug Onfolk with a few integrations we have available with pension providers (Nest, Smart Pension, People's Pension), accounting software (Xero, Quickbooks) and/or productivity tools (Google Calendar, Slack). 

If you do use the providers mentioned above, we highly recommend to use integrations as it'll make your payroll so much smoother.

You can do this directly in your Onfolk profile, in the Integrations tab. 

Final step: Let’s go! 💥

You are now officially onboarded 🎉

At this point we like to organise a final call where we run through everything for your first payroll (shadow or not) and answer any question you may have.

🙌 How was this guide? We’re always looking to improve and any feedback is very welcome. Please send your thoughts and ideas to onboarding@onfolk.com. Thank you!

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