Set a different preferred name

Legal name vs. preferred name

You'll notice that within your Onfolk profile there are two distinct name fields: Legal and Preferred. 

Your legal name is linked to everything official about your employment: taxes, pay, pension. Your legal name needs to be the same as the one on your ID documents (passport or national ID). It is also the name that will appear on your payslip.

Your preferred name is the one that appears on your Onfolk profile and that can be seen by your team on your company's org chart.

Your preferred name

By default, your preferred name will be the same as your legal name. But you can edit this field to abbreviate it, change it entirely (as long as your team knows you by this name!), or add emojis 🌻😎. 

How to update your preferred name 

1. Log into Onfolk and go into your profile 

2. In the "Personal" section, click "Update"

3. Update your preferred name and click "Save"

4. You're done 🎉

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