What's a P45 and how to get one

As part of your onboarding on Onfolk, we ask that you have your P45 ready as it'll help you fill out some key information for your profile. 

What is a P45? 

It's a document you receive from your employer when you stop working for them which details how much tax you've paid in the year to date (tax year). 

But it also contains useful information such as your tax code when you left your previous job, your National Insurance number and any student loans you may be still paying off. 

When do you get a P45

Your employer must give you a P45 when you leave the company, usually shortly after you're sent your last payslip. They'll either email it to you, or send it via the post. 

If you haven't received your P45, you can email your employer directly and ask for a duplicate too 👍

What to do if you don't have a P45

The main pieces of information you'll need for your Onfolk account: your tax code, NI number and if you have any student loans. 

If you don't have a P45 when you join a new company or when you're completing your onboarding with Onfolk, no biggie.

If you're missing of these details, it may be a bit harder for your employer to work out how much tax you'll be paying on your salary so you may be put on an emergency tax code until they find out what the right code is for you. Your tax code will be backdated and the tax you'll have paid while on emergency taxation will go towards the total amount of tax you owe for the year.

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