Update pension contribution percentages for employees

Use case 

Employees automatically enrolled on the company's pension will be put on the company's standard contributions split (or the statutory amount, i.e 5% employee / 3% employer). UK law disposes that minimum 8% of an employee's salary should be contributed towards their pension pot, but this amount can be increased by both the employer or the employee. 

You can update both the company's standard contribution percentage as well as an employee if they've requested this. Employees can  update their own contribution directly in their profile.

Pre-requisite: Connect with pension scheme with Onfolk

Connecting your pension scheme enables you to automate most of your pension management tasks within your Onfolk portal. 

How to connect your pension scheme with Onfolk.

If you're not able to integrate your pension scheme with Onfolk, go to this article.

How to update an employee's pension contribution

You can update the % pension contributions made by the company and the employee directly in your Onfolk platform.

For Admins:

1. Go to the People tab

2. Select the person you want to update contribution percentages for

3. "Work & Pay"

4. Scroll down to the "Pensions" box and click "Update"

5. Save the new contribution % 

Updates to contributions %'s take effect immediately and will be reflected on the calculations on your Payroll tab.

💡 Employees can also update their own % contributions directly in their Onfolk profiles. Only admins can update employer % contributions. 

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