Payroll and payslips timelines

Payroll & payslips timelines 

1️⃣ Submit your payroll before payday

You'll have set your payday date when you onboarded with Onfolk - you can review your payroll settings here

In order for us to run your payroll in a timely manner, you need to submit your payroll before your payday date. 

We usually recommend submitting your payroll a few days before payroll so that you have time to schedule payments and send draft payslips if employees need them.

2️⃣ Optional: send draft payslips to employees

If you've submitted your payroll a few days ahead of payday, you can send draft payslips to employees. 

How to send draft payslips: head to the ' Payroll' section > select this month's payroll run > then click on 'Send draft payslips'.

⚠️ This action will send draft payslips to the whole team.

2️⃣ We run your payroll on payday

Once you've submitted your payroll, we run your payroll numbers on payday. If your payroll isn't submitted on time, we won't be able to run your payroll until it is done. 

3️⃣ Payslips are emailed once payroll has been run

We send your employees their payslips for the pay period immediately after a successful payroll submission. 

This means that if you've submitted your payroll a few days before payday, we'll run your payroll on payday and should be issuing payslips on payday. Any delay up the chain will also delay employees receiving their payslips.

If you need to re-open your payroll post-submission

You won't be able to edit your payroll yourself once you've submitted it. 

If you urgently need to edit a figure in your payrun and it is at least the day before payday, get in touch with us at 

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