Map payroll costs to Xero or Quickbooks

If you’ve integrated your accounting software with Onfolk, you can easily map your costs to automatically sync with your accounting journals with the categories you’ve selected.

We recommend mapping your costs this way if you're not setting up Cost Centres as this is its simpler version.

💡 This integration only works for Xero and Quickbooks at the moment. 

How to map payroll costs in Onfolk

First, set up codes in Xero or Quickbooks

Codes will come as a standard in both softwares, but we recommend giving them a review and editing them before mapping costs in Onfolk. To edit and create cost codes within Xero or Quickbooks, see below:

Second, make sure you’ve integrated your accounting software with Onfolk.

Head to the integrations section in your Onfolk portal and connect Xero / Quickbooks - it only takes a couple of minutes.

Third, start mapping 💪

  1. Log in to Onfolk and head to the Integrations section, then select your accountancy software (Xero or Quickbooks only). 

2. You can now start mapping the categories/codes you created in your accounting software with Onfolk categories.

You'll notice that Onfolk categories will have automatically been assigned to codes/categories. This is normal - these mappings come as standard. 

3. Check the Onfolk - Xero/Quickbooks mappings. 

4. If you'd like to make any changes, click on the "edit" button on the right-hand side of the line to update. 

5. Update the Onfolk category you're updating with the code/category of your choosing, then click on "Update" so save the new mapping.

6. Repeat if necessary - and you're done ✅

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