Your company's org chart & department section

Creating your company's org chart has multiple benefits: 

  1. It'll give the whole company visibility on everyone in the company, how each team and department is structured. This is especially useful for new joienrs.
  2. You'll be able to set up Cost centres in Onfolk

How to navigate the "Company" section in Onfolk

The "Company" section is divided in to two tabs: the Org Chart and Departments.

ℹī¸ Every employee and admin can access their company's org chart in the "Company" section of the Onfolk portal, however Departments are only visible by admins.

The visual org chart: reporting lines

The "Chart" tab gives a typical 'org chart' visual of how the company is structured based on team leads and reporting lines. It is therefore staggered by reporting levels, starting at the top with the most senior person or people in the company.

If within one level multiple people have one or more employees reporting into them, clicking on the team lead's number of reports will expand their team to see who constitutes it. 

Let's take the example of Minerva McGonagall's team: 

1. To see her team, I'll first need to click on the number "5", which corresponds to the number of reports in her team:

2. I can now see Minerva's team and who reports in to her.

💡 to update the org chart, you'll need to update an employee's manager within their Onfolk profile.

Departments: team-based

The "Departments" tab on the other hand lists each Department and the employees who belong in each. The Org Chart won't reflect how each Department is structured.

Within the Departments section, you can: 

  • Create and remove departments, and add or remove employees to them 
  • View and manage the number of people assigned to each department

This section is particularly important to configure Cost Centres accurately.

Read how to set up Departments (or teams) in Onfolk.

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