Set up Departments

The "Departments" (or groups of people) feature in Onfolk comes in useful to keep track of how your company is structured, but also to set up cost centres that automatically sync with your accounting software. 

Within the Departments section, you can: 

  • Create and remove departments, and add or remove employees to them 
  • View and manage the number of people assigned to each department

How to set up and manage "Departments" in Onfolk

Log in to Onfolk, and head to the "Company" section

Create a department

1. Click on "create department"

2. Enter the name of the Department or team 

3. Click save, and you're done ✅

Delete a department

To delete a department, just click on the bin icon on the right-hand side of the screen:

Add or remove people from your department

1. You'll first need to click on the department you'd like to add people to or remove from. 

2. Once within the department page, click on "add people" and select the employees you'd like to add. 

3. To remove employees, tick on their names on the left-hand side then click on "Remove people":

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