Add a bonus on payroll

How to add a bonus

  1. Go to the Payroll tab
  2. Click on the current pay period
  3. Scroll down to the team member you want to add a bonus for
  4. Expand their row by clicking on it
  5. Click the “+ Add bonus” button

6. Add the bonus amount

7. If applicable, tick the 'pensionable' or 'termination award' - these two options will get processed differently in the payroll.

ℹ️ Bonuses are subject to regular employment taxes.

ℹ️ Pensionable: opting in for this option will add the bonus to the total amount subject to employee and employer's pension contributions. Not opting in for this option means the bonus

ℹ️ Termination award: select this option only if you're awarding a leaver with a termination award as they're taxed differently. You can ready more about termination awards here.

8.The numbers will update instantly. The description you choose will appear on the payslip on the â€œbonus” line item, so that your team member can see why the bonus was added.


Updating or removing the bonus

If you want to update or remove the bonus, use the ðŸ“ icon. 

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